The First Week of #project20nine

“If you have a dream, you can spend a lifetime studying, planning, and getting ready for it. What you should be doing is getting started.”

Drew Houston, founder and CEO of Dropbox.

The year began in London but quickly moved to Reykjavik before the day was out and what an absolute delight that was. I’ll be posting a separate, Iceland-specific post soon, suffice to say that it has been one of the countries I dreamed of visiting for a long, long time and the opportunity to start this particular year with a trip there seemed like the perfect thing to do. And despite all of the planning, something I didn’t really expect happened too…I came home even more pumped up about #project20nine.

Perhaps it was the Icelandic water and the fresh air they’ve got up there, or maybe it was the fermented shark, but having spent the first 4 days of the year in Reykjavik, I came home to a week that was as full and as productive as I had hoped and planned:


Up at 6am as a final holiday treat. Wash, breakfast and stretch. Head to work at 7am.  Spend the day in the office playing catch up after some time off. Clock out at 5pm and make my way to Imperial College London take take the Intro to Film course; study 10 Lithuanian words on the way. Wrap at 8.10 and return home. Eat, wash and love every second of the final hour of the day in the company of Vita. Hit the hay, 10pm.


Up at 5am, get some fresh air. Go home, wash, eat and leave for work. Spend the day in the office. Clock out half an hour late and walk home. Meet V, grab a quick bite and leave for Acro with these cool cats. Practise some hand to hand. Finish class and sneak in a quick gym sesh: pullups and core. Go home, wash and cook dinner: baked eggs in tomato, mushroom and spinach. Served with salad and mackerel. 10pm, wind down and lights out.


V’s away from early tomorrow so I take the opportunity to have a final snuggle and so skip the gym. She’ll be gone for the best part of 2 weeks and I’m a cuddler. Coffee, breakfast and leave for el worko. Spend the day in the office and get home by 6.30pm. Prepare dinner but don’t cook it yet. Spend a couple of hours researching for the year ahead and TwoFit. Put the second season of Stranger Things on in the background and feel satisfied that all is right with the world. Call The Mother to check in, remind her that I love her and to give her the lowdown on Iceland and the week in general. Chat for 50 mins. V comes home, I cook and listen to all the fun she had in the day. The astrologer she spent the evening with says she has a good year ahead. The astrologer says she found a good match in me. I like this. The astrologer says that 70-80% is a good match. I do not like this. 10.30pm, bedtime.


Up at 4.30am to drop Vita at the train station. Back home by 5am to clean the house, then breakfast and prep for my weekly English literature lesson with Ollie. 30 minutes of reading The Slaughterhouse Five before taking a morning stroll to meditate. Back to the flat for a quick tea and to pack the day bag with books and laptop; head to the train station for the 9.34. Begin lesson at 10.30, back on the train at 1.20pm and get back home by 3pm, due to delays on the trains. All of them. Grab a bite of Fage as the fridge is empty before jumping in the car and picking up the groceries. Back again by 5pm and after the early start, have a few relaxing hours.


Up at 7am and immediately begin crushing the day. Reward myself with a mid-morning walk through the city for coffee then back to the flat for a bit more work. Gym at 4pm, home for 6pm and meal prep for the week. Put together clothes, bag etc. ready for the new week and the pattern to begin all over again.

The week has been a great start and a precedent setter. I feel extremely motivated and am very grateful for the first week of the year. But now it’s November and the #project20nine plan for the month looks like this:

  • Book a floatation experience @ London Floatation Centre or Floatworks
  • Contact a new hero/inspiration: Ella Frances Sanders
  • Join a class @ Foundry Fit
  • Go swimming at least twice; consider Sunday afternoons.
  • Finish reading The Slaughterhouse Five and then read The Year of Living Danishly.  
  • Learn 300 new Lithuanian words
  • Book in for a deep tissue massage
  • Post a blog for each of the following:
    • How to wake up early and conquer the first 90 minutes of the day;
      • My daily fitness routine and how to stay focussed and motivated;
    • How to meditate with purpose;
      • The questions that often form the focus of my meditation;
    • The year’s reading list [titles that will be included for certain];
    • Monthly weigh-in and muscle-in: Going into #project20nine what are my baseline stats?
    • Where’s my concentration? The disappearance of the human attention span;
    • How to make the most of a long weekend in Reykjavik.
  • At the end of the month upload a video detailing the success/failure of the above

#project20nine in full swing!

This post is part of an ongoing account of the final 364 days of being a 20-something. Today is Day Eight and the author doesn’t feel a day older than he should. In fact, if you asked him how he does feel, he’d probably tell you he feels no different to the way he felt at the beginning of being a 20-something. He would also tell you how much he enjoys being however old he is at any given moment and that he feels hungry. But then again, he’s always hungry. 






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I'm Taylor. I'm living the year like it's 1999: making the most of every day so that by the end I can look back and know that I've lived it well and made the most of it. Tbox is a bit like a diary and rationale of how I spend my time, but it's more than just a typical 'day in the life' blog. Tbox is about how to best use our time, how to do so effectively, how to set goals that are right for us and how to go about achieving them. Welcome.

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